Time Jump created by Axxerous 16 years ago

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Genre: Dance/Disco Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other

As a lonely traveler in current time is just walking around his town, he is confronted by a strange sight. He witnesses a large flash of light, as a man appears out of nowhere. The man is wearing a ridiculous suit that makes him look like he came out of a kids cartoon. He immediately introduces himself as "The Proto"
He takes the traveler to a dark alley after explaining that he was from the future (the traveler did not believe this) and that he would like to take the traveler to his time.
The traveler decides to go along with this man known as "The Proto" just to see how ignorant the man really is about his current standings. To the travelers surprise, "The Proto" grasps on to the travelers hand and another flash of light blinds the traveler. The traveler is excited to see time flashing before his eyes. The pictures of movement move so fast it seems as if the traveler is flying by thousands of colors. The traveler is in shock and full of excitement as his heart pounds awaiting for the time he shall stand still, in the future. What kind of experience will this traveler have? Well that is up to you, because YOU are the traveler.

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