Tribe of Heroes created by Axxerous 16 years ago

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Genre: Other Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other

A dark evil has taken a hold of a village for the first time in thousands of years. There is a legend of a tribe of heroes that will protect this village at any cost.
The only things left are drawings and paintings of these heroes from thousands of years in the past.
The villagers are excited as they hear the drums as the heroes approach.
The villagers are shocked an in awe as they see the tribe of heroes for the first time.
The heroes take the first strike as they come so close to the enemy to where they can see the whites of each others eyes.
As war wages, both sudes strike ferociously.
It comes close to an end as each side is left with one standing.
The final hero faces the final demon for the last brawl. How will it end? The answer shall be revealed in a latter time.

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