Pressure Re-work created by WanderRiver 7 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Etc Theme: Other

Found another song I decided to fix up. The original song I hold dearly in my memories as the beginning of my understanding of combining drum kits, and more essentially the discovery of the melodious Chord numbers 28 and 29. I always knew that at some point I would want to remake this tune into something a bit more dramatic in lieu of the more lackadaisical chord 28 beat.

This is another experimental song that I won't be advertising on people's walls, so if you find it somehow let me know. I'll show my gratitude by returning the favor of taking the time to go through your songs as well. Also, for those wondering why this is an experimental song, that's because I'm going out of my norm having created this song with the intention of including the electric and distortion guitars as 'mood-setters' instead of lead instruments. I wanted to keep the main focus on the drums, synth, and piano as a first in this lengthy campaign of mine.


Remixed from pressure by stEAmpowered
Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Etc Theme: Other
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