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“Alright men, our objective is simple go in and extract the hostage.” I spoke in a solemn but firm tone. I glanced around at my squad. Privates Mark Hills and James Franklin remained serious and quit, but my attention turned to the kid, Private Kyle Yeager. His expressions showed great fear and anxiety. He kept muttering something to himself. “Is everything alright son?” I asked, leaning forward. His eyes darted up and stared deep into mine. “S-sorry Sarge, I- I just not a big fan of war, I’d prefer to be home with my parents and my brother. They must be worried sick! Oh dear, oh no. Please, please….”
“Listen, Priv- Kyle, Let me level with you. Nobody here wants to be a soldier of war, and since the president ordered that all able bodied citizens must be mobilized, we don’t have much of a choice. Now We need to calm down, others are relying on you to do so. Alright?”
“Yes Sir.” He replied ducking his head back down, and resuming his muttering. I leaned back, resting my head on the side of the van. My thoughts started drifting back to my own family, My beautiful wife of 8 years, Julia and our 3 year old daughter, Cecilia. All those times i was there for them, like a picture perfect family. A smile came upon my face when i recalled a moment when Cecilia brought us in a squirrel and kept calling it a dog. Then the other moments when I held Julia close and watched s few horror flicks, and the moments when she’d dig her face into my shoulder when the monsters appeared. Then there was our neighbors, the Miles. Such a nice family, inviting us over to their family barbeques. It all changed when The planes flew over. Then total war was declared, and we were all sent off. Being a War Veteran myself this was no big deal. But when I saw the Mill’s son being dragged away, I knew something was not right. Still not sure why we declaring war, or on who even. Something about a man going to expose some secrets or something.
Suddenly a bump brought me back to reality. “Sir, We’re here.” Hills announced as he glanced through the window. I opened the back door of the van and a warm breeze welcomed me. I hopped out and surveyed the area. “Alright men. Here’s the plan. Franklin, you stay here and guard our transport, radio help at any sign of trouble. Hills, Yeager, your with me.” I motioned my hand towards the alley. I pulled out my pistol and held it, ready for anything. I approached the corner and slighted peeked out. My eyes laid upon the target building. There was a guard in the second floor window holding a rifle watching the road. I took one last glance around the street. Only a few parked cars, but no pedestrians. Another warm breeze brought in a thick dust cloud. Now was our chance
“GO!” I ordered. I bolted across the street, putting on my protective goggles. i dove into the alcove next to the building with Hills and Yeager behind me. I stood up slowly and looked through a window to see a bathroom. I opened the window and knelt down under it. I motioned with my head and hoisted Hills though the window and he climbed though, my gaze turned to Yeager who was shaking like a kitten. I gave him a stern look and he got on my hand. I lifted him up and saw him get pulled through the window. I made a running jump and caught Hill’s hand and he helped me in. Once inside the stench of the bathroom overwhelmed me. I cracked the door open a little and saw the hallway was clear. We made our way to the staircase, when a door opened. I lunged at the door and grabbed the woman who came out and put my hand over her mouth. She jerked around a bit and gave a muffled scream. I pulled her back into the room and sat her down. Then I knelt next to her. “Do you promise not to scream?” she nodded and I took my hand off her mouth. “I need you to stay here for your own safety, got it? She nodded again. I approached the door. Something hit me in the head I collapsed to my hands and knees, then I faded out.
I awoke to a slap in the face. I glanced up to see who did it and my heart sank.
“You incharge, no?” he asked.
“Yes I am Sergeant Paul Collins. You must be Lee Darren.” He smiled and walked away and I looked down to see myself tied to a chair. “Now, Mr. Collins, You are here to free hostages? Well I will, but you have to choose which one!” he smiled with a grin, then bursted out laughing.
“Let all of them go, Lee.” I demanded the guard next to me punched me across the face. With great pain I brought my gaze back up to Lee. He walked over and kicked down a few boxes. Revealing two people tied down into chairs. One being the hostage, a young reporter, Bridget Hoffman, and the other being Private Yeager, sitting there unconscious.
“Where is Hill?” I roared. Struggling with my chair and I felt my knife slide down my sleeve and into my hand. “Oh the other soldier? In a better place now, same with your fellow in the van.” My eyes widened as I felt rage surge though me. “So either way you failed your mission, whether I kill the hostage, or kill the last person on your squad. So who will it be, or should I flip a coin?”
I felt the rope around my wristed snap, I glanced to the side, the guard didn’t seem to notice.
“Why don’t you come here so I can whisper it to you.” I said through my clenched teeth. He stopped two feet from me and bent over with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. I brought my hands forwards and smacked them on his ears, he collapsed screaming, I quickly turned and threw my knife at the guard striking him in the throat. I bolted over to Yeager and the reporter. I untied him first then her. I bent over in front of Kyle and lightly smacked his face a few times. “Kyle can you hear me? Wake up!” I heard him groan a bit before he raised his head. Then he shot back, pointing behind me. “LOOK OUT!” I turned to see Lee lunging at me and I felt a sharp pain in my back. “Ha! I win anyways,” I felt to my stomach in pain. I tried to breath but it felt impossible. I glanced up to see, Yeager firing shots at Lee, before collapsing for good.

Remixed from Back to the Basics by Jakio
Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Other
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