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This song is hard to describe , because it has an amazing collection of the most unique instruments! But I created the song, after the difficult task to pick the 3 winning songs, in the "oeroe's transformation contest" I had really a tough job, in making an honest, and right decision, because there were 13 contestants, and they were all very different, but I want to state clearly, they all were really great transformations!! but after reading all the comments, and listening again to all songs, I came up with the following results: the Number ONE, was in fact the easiest, because this was an amazing transformation, and it was according to the particular rules, a perfect job! the song was created by fellowshaker NEOLYDUS ! and I already posted the first price, a dedication song, yesterday on my profile. NEO, Congratulations Buddy!! You're the "OPTIMUS PRIME" !! LOL! And that left me with song number 2, and 3 ! Like I said it was "a close call! the songs were Pisky's song "transformer" and Ariyandi's song "OEROE'S CONTEST" And after carefully listening, I decided, that Ariyandi created a 'little masterpiece" with his song, and it complied completely with the transformation, that I had in mind, when I started this contest! Although I really want to say, that Pisky's song, had about 3 different music styles within, and She did an outstanding job!!
So the final results are 1/ NEOLYDUS*** 2/ ARIYANDI** 3/ PISKY* Congratz!!!
And than I want to thank all 13 contestants, for there wonderful created songs, and it felt really great, to get your support, and participation for this initiative !! THANK YOU ALL!! And that's why, I have decided,. to create a dedication song for each and every one of you!! I don't jet know when, but it will be SOON!! Okay guys, enjoy the Song! CHEERS! OEROE

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