Dedicated to the USA and it's Forces created by 89Ford 12 years ago

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Created on 11/12/2012

Just remix of the song Paladin.

This song is dedicated to America as a whole.
I know it's Veterans day. But it wouldnt happen without all of us.

Thanks for being there. putting your asses on the line.
but you better believe we were right here working ours off to keep you going for us.

=) I dont do this politic crap. I believe that we all have a shot at a bigger world.
Yeah disputes will spill out. but that's life.

That's American. born in a Revolution.
The truth that we survived that is in history.

America will and always be a proud free country.
Yeah our taxes suck and our president is trying to take our guns,
so what. atleast we arent living in turmoil.
we should be digging our own oil more.
instead of wasting investments in other countries.

this is why I dont get into it. I'm a huge Argument I guess...

This song is a dedication to US forces everywhere!
Good job guys! make us proud to be Americans.

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