Took My Breath Away created by iamunskilled 12 years ago

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This (along with all of my other songs) was based on events that have happened to me as a child... This one being a time of extreme physical and emotional pain and suffering in a life-death situation, which I've had my share of. The tune of this song should give you the view out of a small girl's eyes... everything is bright, innocent and cheerful... without any warning whatsoever her throat starts to feel odd, scratchy... and metallic. She coughs, and it feels like something is gushing out of her mouth, dripping down her lips. She panics and peers down to be greeted by an arm soaked in blood. She wheezes, gasps in pain and desperately cries for help, which arrives in enough time to save her life. Had it not been for the light traffic and the distance between myself and the hospital I certainly could have died that very day.
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