the odyssey created by harvey79 7 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other
[Real] Running Fight
[Complicated] Electric Bass 2
[Chord Voicing] Intense Dist Guitar
[Chord Harmony] Warm Warm Pad
[Chord Harmony] Warm Soft Pad
[Stroke] Splendid Harp
[Real] Rock You!
[Rhythm] Intense Distortion Guitar
[Rhythm] Sophisticated Muted Guitar
[Melody] Serious Distortion Guitar
[Real] Pit-ta-pat
[Real] Restless Mood
[Slow Rhythm] Lonely Nylon Guitar
[Real] Blue Sky
[Melody] Tragic Nylon Guitar
[Melody] Lonely Spanish Guitar
[Fast Rhythm] Passionate Spanish Guitar
[Rhythm] Exiting Hard Organ
[Sustained] Serious Dark Organ
[Complicated] Pick Bass 1
[Rhythm Theme] Exciting Moog Synth
[Melody] Enthusiastic Distortion Guitar
[Rhythm] Sweet Muted Guitar
[Fast Rhythm] Running Nylon Guitar
[Rhythm] Liberal Modern E.P
[Rhythm] Intense Concert Piano
[Back Rhythm] Tense Electric Guitar
[Rhythm Theme] Secret Dirty Synth
[Moving] 4 dimensional Slow Attack Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Ambiguous Square Synth
[Rhythm] Warm Nylon Guitar
[Real] Rush Hour
[Rhythm Theme] Sticky Lead Synth
[Rhythm] Sticky Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Sticky Hard Synth
[Arpeggio] Romantic Clean Guitar
[Moving] Fantastic Pad Synth
[Rhythm] Distant Filtered Synth
[Arpeggio] Hard Acoustic Guitar
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Odd-space Euro Synth
[Melody] Unkind Dist Guitar
[Stroke] Passionate Acoustic Guitar
[Melody] Distant Electric Guitar
[Melody] Romantic Electric Guitar
[Fast Rhythm] Confusing Spanish Guitar
[Stroke] Romantic Nylon Guitar
[Rhythm] Rough Dark Euro Synth
[Sustained] Warm Voice Synth Pad
[Harmony Counter Melody] Outstanding Warm Pad String
[Rhythm] Holy Soft Bell Synth
[Moving] Marvelous Wind Synth Pad

hello out there. this is my new outcome.
my 50th outcome, so i thought myself to make a longer rock-instrumental again.
the length is almost opeth-like , but i couldnt shortened it.

when i listened to it, i could say, maybe the instrumental has two big parts and a little bridge between. first ends after 08:30 minutes, or you can say this was just the intro.

today is 10 years after 09/11/01 so i dedicate this to all friends and relatives of victims.

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