patient #313 escape from the asylum created by Tragon 10 years ago

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(this is very diffrent but i though i would try to use music shake to tell musical stories)
The man walks down cold metalic hallway
his goal... to escape the hell he has been in most of his life.
he stops at a rusted door and slowly slides it open as it closes behind him.
the carvern like area looked like a dead end until a gloomingly lit exit sign revealed it self in the darkness. The man let out a slight chuckle and proceeded further... as he reached the doorway he tore of a dog tag that was hidden under his off-white garments and threw it down as he exited into what seemed to be the outside world he longed for. the carvern radiated a gloomy wind as the dim light of the exit revealed on the discarded dogtag "#313.

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Mar 28 2011
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