Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Ballad

Favorite artists

I enjoy Kevin Matisyn, Chase Holfender, and other independents. I have everything from Slayer to The Temptations on my mp3 player. Mmmm and I love Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera music. It speaks fluently to my soul.

About me

I'm a writer and poet.

I also do editing work on fiction pieces, usually pro bono simply because I enjoy it. I take half decent pictures too for someone with a lousy camera and no training. I raise two young men, also doing half decent in that arena for someone with a lousy childhood in her past and no training. I struggle. It's fascinating. I surround myself with heavily flawed, broken, outcast, and miserably happy people. Actual diversity, I'm for it!

I'm never as pretentious as I sound in any About Me.

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