Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

Deamau5,Vampires Evrywhere,Attack! Attack!,Black veil brides Avenge Sevenfold,Asking Alexandria,Suicide Silence

About me

Hello Audience -Toby Turner
I'm Sam and I freaking love skateboarding and gaming!! I also love anime,minecraft,friends,music and making music. I'm a bad sk8er at the time but im getting better my dream job is a Video-game designer and programmer(notch is my inspiration)im a terrible speller so im using Google chrome spell check XD. I like dubstep,techno,electronic,rock i also trying to figure out FL studio so i can sell my music the games i own are Minecraft,Terraria,Gmod,Ace Of Spades,Warzone2100,Roblox. my username in all of them is Deadlykid.I also beleave in slenderman. *looks behind back*
B-day:november 20th
Fav Animal:cats n dogs
Fav Foods:PIZZA,mashpotatos,Reese's penutbutter cup
Other Fav:Tobuscus,yogscast,updates in games :D
And my favorate shows,movies,and animes
Fullmetal alchemist
Family Guy
And most of the crap on adult swim XD

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