Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, R&B, Pop, Ballad, Jazz

Favorite artists

INXS, The Cure, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Stone Roses,The Smiths, Joy Division, O.M.D., Gary Moore, The Ventures, New Order, Kraftwerk, Electric Light Orchestra, Love & Rockets, The Clash, Pet Shop Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Metallica.

About me

Marty Grimes - Bass
Frankie Kuramoto - Drums
John Di Romano- Rhythm Guitar / Sax
Gary Crowfield - Solo Guitar / Synth / Keyboards

They are an online alternative instrumental rock band from Sutlershire City...
They are The Slendermen!!!
Just kidding!! my name is Juan Leyva, i'm 21 and i'm from Mexico City, i like alternative rock, british punk, classic rock, you know, 60's to 80's but, I also love creating different atmospheres, that's why i like instrumental music.

Check out my tunes, i go from cherry love songs to historical issues, i love history and The Slendermen are a fictional british band i created, it's real music with fiction musicians, like the japanese vocaloids (Hatsune Miku).

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