Favorite artists

Sungha Jung,Troye Sivan,Ed Sheeran,Bruno Mars,Sam Tsui, Ellie Goulding, Beyonce

About me

Hello, I'm Edith from Kaohsiung,Taiwan.
Love to listen to music,enjoy music,guess the meaning of the music,and love to make videos,watch videos.
MUSIC makes me relaxed,and it's a good way to realese my pressure.
Sometimes I think music is the smartest thing because it knows what I'm thinking and feeling through the lyrics and tune.
I wish I can make good music which can make ya'll happy and deeply fall into them.
I mean "MUSIC is the international world LANGUAGE",am I right!!

Comments down below if you love my music or have some comment want me to know.
I will be appreciate!!
Wish ya'll happy =)

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