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Into the Shabows contest entry, I really thought I was going to have too many instruments...huh...well, I hope its alright, comment rate and/or fave please. This is the way to gain points.
Perhaps refuge from a cold autumn night may be taken in the shabows of an old church. The watchful eyes of the crows stare at you as they mock, and their cries almost become human in your mind as paranoia slips in through the cracks of sanity. As the chime of the bells that have been broken for years chime on. You may feel cold and know that you are alone but the feeling of eyes is ever present and you jump as the crows continue their mockery. Silently you creep through the shabows away from the world outside, the chiming resumes as day breaks and the crows herald the new day, but you can't shake that feeling of being followed as they let out one final laugh.

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