What is Love created by bbshark99 11 years ago

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Genre: Hiphop Mood: Love/Romantic Theme: Other

Yep, I'm rapping again in this song.
Tell me what you think. ^__^


*presto chorus*

1st Verse -
what is love?
no doubt
let's get together and we might find out
like a hill its hard to get up to the top and we wont stop
through the tough times, and the long climb
we'll stick together, makin' our days better,
through all sorts of weather
for each others' sake, we're just gonna take,
our sweet time to get things...straight
take it Presto-

*presto chorus*

*presto verse*

2nd Verse -
better watch out, we're shootin' for the stars
workin' hard, right time, real love, nice car
a pair like us, is goin down in history
greatest duo ever to walk this century
love you so much, imma take your hand in marriage
and maybe someday we'll go, lookin for a baby carriage
now don't you worry bout' us
no meddling, no fuss
we ain't takin' this lightly, not even slightly..love

*presto chorus*

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