Holiday Cheer created by jdpikachu 11 years ago

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Genre: Other Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Christmas

IGN: Flaminshadow.

Sorry folks! Posted my other one before the "3 minute" rule was made. If you like the song, please click "Rate"!

We all see the Salvation Army in our malls during the holiday season, working hard to raise money for those who need it this holiday season. "Holiday Cheer" begins and end's with a "Salvation Army" sound effect from Musicshake, and the music inbetween represents the feeling that not only you feel from helping the salvation army help others, but for the tough workers of the salvation army as well. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the spirit of christmas with my song "Holiday Cheer."

CONTEST RESULTS: This song placed 2nd. Thank you for the support, and congratulations to everybody! I can't wait to hear "Rock Bottom" in the game! ^_^

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