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Song Title: Firepoke
Artist: ccollins
Album: Songbird

I'm poking you Laurinikus, it's fine boosting a few of your songs but dominating the whole charts purely via boosting is taking the fucking piss

I'm poking you CasualT, using other's songs in an attempt to promote your own, you're a great musicshaker and you can just comment on our pages rather than challenge present songs to battles and be like check this out, it sounds similar.

I'm poking you Thienien for being a bitter cunt and basically giving me some free recognition on your bio and sticking me in the same bracket as oeroe which is a fucking honour

I'm poking you pastelp, if you're lurking around you stalker.

I'm poking you triforce because this is purely the biggest namedrop you'll ever have.

I'm poking all of musicshake to get the fuck back and make some waves!

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