I AM BACK created by bradleybro 6 years ago

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After 5 months, 10 months including how long i haven't made a song, I have decided to COME BACK

And of course, there is no other way to COME BACK than to create a song.

This song is Entitled I AM BACK
1. For obvious reasons
2. Because when people beat you to the limit, all you gotta do is come back stronger, which is exactly like what I did

When I say "come back strong" I mean that this song is the longest of any of my song's ever before in the past standing at a whopping 6 minuets and 8 seconds!

What I tried to do was incorporate many different types of music in the song. Some happy or upbeat, some sad and depressing, and some just full on ROCK.

Now, if you made it down here then comment "ROCK ON BRO" in the comments, and I might just give you a fan.

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