RWBY Fanmade~ Only the Strong Survive created by serenade188 6 months ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Animation
[Attack Rhythm] Lonesome Tremolo String
[Chord Harmony] Grave Contrabass
[Attack Rhythm] Tragic String 2
[Chord Harmony] Hollow Synth Pad
[Rhythm] Serious Bright E.P
[Arpeggio] Gloomy Amped E.P
[Rhythm] Serious Piano 2
[Slow Rhythm] Sad String Piano
[Slow] Firm determination
[Real] Sobbing
[Rhythm] Neat Timpani
[Normal Short Tone] Electric Bass 3
[Rhythm] Gloomy Dist Guitar
[Arpeggio] Hard Acoustic Guitar
[Rhythm] Graceful Discordant Soft Bell Synth
[Melody] Serious Distortion Guitar
[Arpeggio] Faint Tremolo Guitar
[Chord Voicing] Intense Dist Guitar

A song based on the character Raven Branwen from the animated web series RWBY. This is a theme/tribute that I believe suits her character very well. Hope you enjoy!

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