Autumn Leaves created by SkySora 8 months ago

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Genre: Hiphop Mood: Cool/Refreshing Theme: Animation
[Bounce] Dream A Dream
[Sustained] Warm Old E.P
[Chord Voicing] Calm E.P
[Melody] Doping Delayed Piano
[Attack Rhythm] Simple String
[Simple Long Tone] Moog Bass 1
[Melody] Hollow Echoed Trumpet
[Melody] Lonely Delayed Bell

As we leave the summer behind and head into the fall. We say goodbye Summer vibes, but we bring in some new ones. Time to kick back enjoy the cool breeze, drink some hot chocolate, jump in leaves, etc. Hope you guys enjoy the song! ^^

(P.S I know this may not sound like a hip-hop song, I took out the voice for it, but it is nice)

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Dec 18 2017
Feb 26 2018
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