Betrayal and Counter-Betrayal created by Thefunny711 4 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Other

Story about a 15/16 year old kid living in a tyrannical kingdom in a far off land. He is sent on a mission to bargain with another kingdom, and if there is a disagreement, use lethal force. Eventually, he does have to use force and absolutely obliterates that kingdom, gets what he needs, and returns on the long, long road. Little did he know, when he returned, the 4 tyrannical leaders said "Wow! I didn't know you'd actually kill them. We just thought you were some kid so we put you on a test mission. We don't require anyone as violent as you. Guards, execution time." He gets very melancholy. Quickly fights with his inner self and loses all self control. Chips off the guards, then has to fight the place he fought for. He's counter-betraying his betrayers haha, get it? After painfully fighting his former comrades, now forced to obey orders given by the tyrants, he gruesomely kills off every person in the kingdom, including the tyrants, so he has quite the title for himself. He sits back, splattered in blood, and falls asleep. "This should be a nice snooze..." He sarcastically thinks to himself.

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