MAXXXED OUT. (DK MIXXX) created by davidk 2 years ago

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Genre: Dance/Disco Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
[Simple Short Tone] Rezo Bass 1
[Melody] Dreary Bell E.P
[Arpeggiator] Funny Filtered Synth
[Chord Harmony] Marvelous Synth Pad
[Effect] Expensive Lady
[Moving] Marvelous Low Bell Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Comic Low Synth
[Rhythm] Mystic Delayed Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Tense Moog Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Calm Dark Tube Synth
[2x Fast] Open The Door!
[Melody] Lonely Grand Piano
[Effect] Shaman
[Mixed] Electric Bass
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Funny Low Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Romantic Dark Low Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Sophisticated Warm Pad Synth
[Arpeggio] Dopey Wah Guitar
[Rhythm] Sharp Euro Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Lonely Dark Synth
[Complicated] Soft Moog Bass
[2x Fast] Basket Ball
[Counter Melody] Lonely Cello
[Arpeggio] Warm Modern E.P
[Arpeggiator] Mean Tube Synth

I was originally going for a trance like track but changed my mind and went with a faster drum beat while still holding onto a the synth sounds. As you know now I'm making these on my phone. My phone couldn't handle anymore sounds thrown in hence the title maxxxed out.

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