End Of The Day (feat. FlummyFlumOx) created by ccollins 4 years ago

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The original song is amazing, I highly recommend you check that out. :) I remixed it so thesre it is just down below this description..

Yes.. yes... NO, NOT THE FAVE BUTTON! I mean.. click that if you want but.. just below it? that song? yeah.. that's the one, click the fave button on that too.. listen to it too.. I loved it.

Anyway, i'kll get caught up on your songs soon. I'm trying to get more active here. :) I love musicshake still, and I want to enjoy it just as much as you guys.. speaking of which, where are you all? I miss having some good chats with you all.. say hi or something!! I don't bite, don't worry... but my dog does... look, he's angry... *he bites me* HEY!!

I'm going to deal with this dog.. while I do that, please listen and enjoy! :D

Genre: Ballad Mood: Soft/Quiet Theme: Other
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