Smooth Beats (Nostalgic Album) created by KiaraAngel 6 years ago

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Hello everyone! I'm back, and back for sure! After a 2-year hiatus I took, I've decided to get back on this thing and lemme explain why I haven't been here in so long:
1. my interest here on MS has dropped significantly for many things, one of them having to be the album picture nerf that is still here.

2. School (and AP classes) kept me from going here and I had to focus on high school and taking too much time won't get me anywhere (let alone, graduate high school.)

3. I'm now a high school graduate and I've been prepping myself for college (which I'm leaving in less than a week from now.)

But yes, I'll be posting some songs once in a while (even listen to what you have in store for me.) BTW this song was made exactly 4 years ago (and I did mention before that I'd be posting old songs from long ago.) Hence why the title is called "Nostalgic"; it's what these old songs of mine had brought me.

But don't worry y'all, I'm working on some new songs that will catch your interest, for now, enjoy this smooth song.

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Aug 22 2016
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