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Posted January 23, 2016

My first post after a 17-month hiatus. o_o
I totally didn't think I'd be away this long...

This song was inspired by a commercial I saw recently on TV (which I barely watch nowadays) that featured the opening part of the Christmas carol "The Nutcracker".

I always wanted to arrange a classical tune, but as far as I can recall with each attempt, I wound up making the song more dance or rock heavy to make it more appealing for myself; especially after adding drum, timpani, and orchestra parts. I completely avoided doing that this time (I later made a remix though) and I'm proud of the fact that I made a song like this that I genuinely enjoy, and that it was completely made from scratch.

"Birth of a Star" (EP #15) is my newest project that actually started back in August of 2015.
Album art:
1. The Vast
2. Birth of a Star
3. Ah.OoH.aH - coming soon
4. Moonlight (2016 ver.) - coming soon
5. The Vast (Remix) - coming soon

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