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I learned of this site in May 2012. I'm not really a music creator, but am learning from a few great names here on MS.
I come here to relax my over-active nerves and create a comfort zone. I have had to pleasure of listening to music that is soothing when I need it and uplifting when I am down.
Recently, I stumble upon negative songs and comments about fellow shakers...that's really discouraging. I don't know how big this community is, but I hope this message gets around. I created this version of "A Kreation of Love" created by my mentor. It's not a masterpiece such as his, but I'm trying to get across a message. This version has an orchestra. My orchestra includes all shakers here. One harmony with one another. Will you be a part of this orchestra? Pass this on to friends...recreate this song...let's have fun with it. Let's Unite and help instead of hurt. I wish that we could all just get along on this site.

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Nov 19 2012
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