End of Hope created by SerpentShake 12 years ago

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This is a song that I made that goes along to some parts of a story that I made. It would usually come in when the "Hero(s)" are over powered by some sort of monster or "villan". When I made this song I was thinking a part of my story when one of the main characters couldn't fight his Nightmare Aura spirit and when he transformed he killed everyone in 9 city's and 4 towns.
Aura spirits in my story are beings that have been reborn (reincarnated) into someone else's body. Although they cannot control their body they can be evil or good. Good Aura spirits are known as aura crystals or even just spirits. Evil spirits are called Nightmare angels the actual person isn't always bad but Nightmare angels can take over their body when they want too. Although these forms are only temporary if you have a Nightmare Angel and can't control it you can go your whole life without actually experiencing anything but complete darkness forever.
I have a wild imagination and I've already written at least 100 pages for my story (I usually do it in class :P) so I hope none of you take my idea(s) and call it your own. I don't think anyone will but I'm trying to actually use my story for something in the future.
Anyway tell me what you think! Of the song and/or story! :D

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