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Spining like the tires
of a bicicyle
no guiding light
just this dark tunnel
call it a life cycle
who knows why its here
generations come and go
until it all just dissapears
n nothings clear
All i know is that pain stings
n love reigns
time kills and
people change
its hard to look at the world
when we all look lost
its hard to look at myself
cause i know i'm just the same...
I don't know how i'll feel tomorrow
but more importantly i don't know how i feel today
piecing together these memories
stained into my brain
some make me feel heavy in the heart
some make me want to tear my whole existance apart...
but i keep it cool
i'm not the type to lose it
I got a mind god damn it
I've lied to myself so much
I actually believe
I know how to use it
its called denial
Life cycle.
I was born into this world
No flyer to explain
Just cold air on my naked body and solid pain
a built in moral compass
telling me not to complain
Just shut the fuck up and
play this rediculous game
believing in the bullshit
is the only way to stay sane
So live it up until
some loving god throws you in the flames
without reason whose to blame?

i've taken the time
to analyze my mind
n all i could find
was more confusion
in this mental grind
of thoughts
all the traffic colliding
Frustion becoming blinding
I know i'm a better man though
So I smile to enjoy these moments
before it's time for me to go
now i just wanna lay low
so i'm gonna take it slow
n go with the gravitational flow
just goin with the flow
But theres a force behind me
kickin me up to speed
Diverting my attention
to all the disgust hate n greed
Everyone wants that money
but what happens to the cash
when the world collapses flat onto our assets
No ones watchin out for the kids
Generation Lost
At the cost of men
trying to live it up
until they reach their end
whose going to look
back. at the world.
that we're leaving behind.
No one cares
We're all out of our minds
We're more into finding ways
to Kill time
Well what happens when we've slain it all
we hit the top
now how hard
are we going to fall
surrounded by death
When will our world take its last breath
Running outta room to breathe
running outta heart to care
Running outta patience the wound starts to bleed
Devolving back to animals
The price of greed
The worlds broken
got the kids chokin back tears
Hopin tomorrow'll be better
to fight back fears of dying
it's a fucking shame
Just Look into those crying Eyes
N tell me you dont feel the same
with a life lacking reason
who can you blame
with no sight of the suffering
brings no pain
seems like ignoring
It all is the only way to stay sane
Just look into their dying eyes
n tell me we dont need to change
Life cycle.

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