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Your posted song is an audio experience/memory exclusively for yourself or for a wider audience? Do you want for your song to be rated?

Which is better earbuds or headphones?
Final decision: If you want to enjoy high-quality sound -- and really, all the sounds in a piece of music -- headphones are your best bet.

-- Be aware of what you're pouring into the other person's ears. Don't pour garbage.
-- What makes a lion and a colibri what they are is not their beak and teeth or their paws and wings but rather how their unique features work together to make a unique, wholesome entity. I could be out of mainstream, but I've yet to see and appreciate an artistically wholesome lionibri.
-- Message I'd like to share with the community: Keep getting better and encourage quality input from the rest of the MShake community members by example and honesty.
-- I'm an irregular visitor/poster and don't always endorse my earlier posts, including songs.
-- I try to listen to all songs being promoted on my profile (but I probably listen to a larger number of songs).
-- I usually respond to promoted or un-promoted songs in one of these ways:
---- May or may not leave a comment;
---- Give 3 stars as a minimum;
---- Give 3 stars as a minimum and a fav;
---- Give 3 stars as a minimum, a fav and become Your Fan.

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