Favorite genre

Hiphop, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Jazz, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

steve lacy, tyler, tv girl, the internet, tame impala, azealia banks

About me

hi i'm disco19, started this page up when i was 8 and bored and i kinda made a lot of songs
i was addicted to this place in like 2013-2014 and its sad to see it completely abandoned because i have so many memories here, i still remember every song i made. so much so that i spent an entire day recording the audio through flash browser and uploading them to soundcloud just so i could listen to them again!

pretty crazy i was here at 8-9 years old collabing with / beefing literal teenagers lmfaooo i miss it tho. also if u for some reason stopped by this mostly unknown profile on a mostly unknown website then like lmk, reply on my profile or some shit i wanna see if u guys r still alive! like i look back at some of the stuff i said here as a kid and literally shrivel up and feel like deleting my entire digital footprint but it brought me here now. i still wanna do music i just cant find the patience for it smhh

oh and heres some fav songs i made:

The Grand Orchestra (posted 20 October 2013)
World to Explore (posted 9 October 2014)
Sparks (posted 17 May 2015)
Finding The Way (posted 17 April 2017)
Bright New Morning (posted 24 April 2019)
HyperChill (posted 25 April 2019)
Summer (posted 24 July 2020)

11 jan 2021
sadly we can't post songs on MS anymore after the end of 2020 but i'm still around listening sometimes :D

09 may 2023
its 10 years since i started this. still attached to this. was 8 then i'm 18 now. shits insane

12 mar 2024
hi guys still doing my once yearly checkup, went and recorded all my MS stuff and posted it over on soundcloud tho in case this website dies cus im staying 1 step ahead of the game duh

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