Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Pop

Favorite artists

I'm not really one for the latest songs on the radio, I prefer obscure songs on youtube, one of my favorite artists is Oliver from Steampianist, he does vocaloid songs and their by far my favorite, but I also like the punk rock music of the band Set It Of

About me

to be honest, I really only come to this site to make music, I might submit a song but other than that, I really don't care if people like the music I make.
a lot of the music I make will be based on my imagination, and well, lets just say I have a VERY wild imagination
if anyone is willing to talk to me on this site, you will most likely not get a reply, as I have said, I didn't come to this site for friends, I came for music, which I'm sure is the story for a LOT of other people.

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