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Hey everyone, it's Jas here. (:
I'm a girl. Uhh... o.o;
I no longer shake music anymore,
but I will come back and check once in a while. ^^

Just like my nickname, I love puddings!! :D
It's a pleasure to make songs out of them~

I love Maths, Art and Science,
P.E. is definitely not my subject, but I love BBall. Mhm.
Trying hard to keep up with Business and Economics.

I like tofu, carbohydrates and fibre as well~
I like everything made out of beans except beans it self. (Tofu, soybean milk... etc.)
Oh oh and I like cakes!! :D
Chocolate cakes~ Cheese cakes~ Napoleon~ Hnngggg~

I like to draw, listen to music & read mangas.
Sometimes I watch a few good dramas & animes.
Without music = no drawing = no life.

My music range is big. I listen to all type of musics.
From rock to silent, Vocaloids to pop stars to old celebrities.
As long as it's a great piece of music, it never gets old.

I've fallen in love deeply with cubes & squares recently.
And discovered that I love to fish, in real life or in game.
But I don't like to eat fish, or any other seafoods.

Oh, games.
Can't live without them. DX
Cousin broke me NDS.
So he gave me his NDS and PSP, which I'm trying to figure out how it works. :3
Hopefully I'm getting a Wii2 soon. Wahahahahaa...

Haven't go on Audition/SEA for quite some time...
...Maybe I'm semi quiting it. lol
I'm more into TinierMe these days. Ahhh...!! It's so cute!!

Since after I got a tablet I haven't drawn on paper much...
But no!! I'm not giving it up!!!
Ima continue drawing my manga soon. DX


~Jas's Music shake time lap~


Year 7:
I've started music shake. Yeah!!
Secondary life sucks.


Year 8:
Lesser time on music shake.
Still hating secondary life.
Not much change in life.


Year 9:
No, I changed my mind, it's awesome and now (2011)
I'm a year 9 student.
Crap load of hws but crap load of nice teachers & memories & friends.
In the process of quiting Shake.


Year 10:
Well I'm in Y10 now.
Totally quited MusicShake.
Secondary life is still way awesome than primary.
New teachers & classes to take, but both are awesome.
I love how our school's size made the distance between teachers and students closer.
Not as much hw as Y9... for some reasons.
But I kept getting busier and I don't know why.


Year 11:
School starts tomorrow. (Sep 3rd 2012)
This year's gonna be a tough year.
IGCSE exams' coming and we gotta work hard for it. ;u;
I come back to music shake for some music to relax.
Many teachers leaved this year, but life needs to move on.


Anyways... until next time. (:

With puddings & love,

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