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Our love echoes...
“Love Echo”, nintendo_wii94’s last Musicshake album, is more than enough to please you with 15 songs total. When asked why so many were chosen for the album, he replied: “Since this is my last album, I wanted the next page on the Posted Songs page to be all new songs, and a page holds 15 songs, so…”
If you’re looking for a good party album to dance to like Love Echo’s predecessors, you’ll be disappointed. Of the 15 songs that made the album, 4 are dance songs. “At first I was kind of let down that I was only making slow songs, but then I just accepted the fact that, that was what I was making. This is my ‘Spirit (Leona Lewis)’ album.”
As said before, 15 songs are to make an appearance on the album:
1. Instant Replay 2. Press Play 3. Fading Glow 4. No More 5. Heart 6. Glass 7. Be Haunted 8. Cut the Act 9. Refreshed 10. The Pirate Game 11. Mysterion 12. Ashamed 13. The Unknown 14. Love Echo 15. The End.
“Love Echo” is now up!

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