Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Ballad

Favorite artists

Metallica, Linkenpark, System of a Down, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Scarf, Skrillex, Dead mouse, Blademasterz, DJ Splash, DJ Naomi, Mt.Eden, X2X, DJ Mangoo, 50 Trance Tunes

About me

(SONGS IVE DEDICATED) DJ's Trance[SkittleJamer]
(MY DEDICATIONS)DJ's Remembrance [SkittleJamer]
I Joined 2011-02-25 and I was born 7-19-96. I am a HUGE music lover, I always have my ipod in and am listining constantly to all the great songs created by you music shakers. I listen to Techno the most/Styles

I LOVE animals, Ive had 19 dogs, 5 cats, 2 hamsters and numerous fish (not counting my 1 dog and 3 cats now) I can get along with any type of animal and have been told numerous times that I (have a way with animals such as getting them to obey commands with out training).

Ive broken two bones, my right foot doing parkour (hairline fracture next to growth plate) and my collar bone at the skate-park (compound fracture) They were both in the month of march 2010 and 2011. They were both VERY painful. The funny thing is, I skied on my foot before going to the Doc. 9not knowing is was broken before)

I love all seasons. I ski (since I was 4) and I travel around the united states skiing and doing races/freestyle. I can also snowboard but I like skiing more. :P

I have done/do many sports, Basketball, golf, swim, football, baseball, and capture the flag. I am currently a sophomore and am on the high school swim and golf team being varsity in both.

As for battles If you challenge me, bring all you got cause I have no mercy. Be prepared to have some awsome music coming your way. SO be ready, YOU could be the next defender.

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