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Favorite artists Ke$ha Rihanna Jay Z ONE DIRECTION!!! Little Mix Lady GaGa 5SOS Fun. David Guetta Chris Brown Cascada Drake Demi Lovato Britney Spears Gwen Stefani AND TONS MORE THAT I CAN'T REMEMBER AT THE M

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I am 11 years old and I have two Great Danes, Asher and Trinity. I LOVE Minecraft! ssundee and skydoesminecraft, if you have an account on this and see this, YOU ARE MY IDOLS!! Don't tell deadlox and TruMoo that you are my favorite minecarft dudes!!! MUSIC IS MY LIFE!! I BASICALLY FEED OFF OF MUSIC! NOT TOO SOUND CREEPY AT ALL!! Ok I'm done with writing in capital letters. sSo yea thats about it with me. Oh yea ii love music remixes and techno music . Yea that's all. thank you for reading!! :) XD

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