Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, Jazz, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

The Clash, The Specials, Rancid, Ramones, Funkadelic, Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy, Angels and Airwaves, Pink Floyd, Operation Ivy, Sublime, Run DMC, Rage Against the Machine, Hawkwind,

About me

I like punk rock, alt-rock, synthrock, prog-rock, ska, skapunk, old school hiphop, and some funk artist.

Going to have an upcoming demo album with 12 tracks(
Genre: experimental, ambient rock, hiphop, techno, rock.
Album Name: The Grand Fire(demo)
Track Listing
1.The Grand Fire (prog-rock/post-rock/alt-rock)
3.The Grand Fire pt. 2(post-rock/experimental)
4.BOXE-R (ambient rock)
6.Dream(hiphop track)
9.Dance with the Beat(hiphop/dance/experimental)
11.The Grand Fire pt. 3(experimental)

Save the Grace EP
1.Save the Grace
2.Save the Grace Remix
3.Save the Grace pt.2 (unreleased)
4.Four Mens

New Update:

Altrockfan Select Tracks Orchestral Arrangement Album
1. Save The Grace
a. Save The Grace, Part 1 (Orchestral)
b. Save The Grace, Part 2 (Orchestral)
c. Save The Grace, Part 3 (Orchestral)
2. The Grand Fire
a. The Grand Fire, Part 1 (Orchestral)
b. Re-Generate (Orchestral)
c. Dress (Orchestral)
d. The Grand Fire, Part 2 (Orchestral)
e. Epilogue (Orchestral)
f. The Grand Fire, Part 3 (Orchestral)
3. Dream (Girl) [Orchestral/No Vocals]
4. Darkness (New Song)
5. Dream (Girl) [Ochestral w/ Vocals] [Bonus Track]

The Melancholy of A Man
1. Melancholy of A Man
a. Melancholy of A Man: Beginning
b. Melancholy of A Man: Strange Beings
c. Melancholy of A Man: The Jam
d. Melancholy of A Man: The Finale
2. This Is Real
3. Real Theme
4. MMMM (4 Ms)
5. Funky Tune (Bonus Track)

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