Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Tofukeks - he is my good friend in musicshake :) we are work together

About me

About me:
A little bit crazy small girl who enjoy MMORPG, write fanfiction, read, drawing etc.
Well i registered Musicshake in 2011. I haven't got any "glorius" plan , I just make music for hobby.
(maybe you like them!:D)
I love the classical music, but i'm listening metal,rock,disco,techno and so on...

About my music:
I mostly do classical music( as you could see). Well as i said i just did them for fun. If you want to remix go on! Just please, post for me ^^. I always courius about how see the orther person the same thing. And of course i really like to meet with new people!:3

About Musicshake:
I love it! I hardly find another program what you can easily do a song (and its free of course) and post it when you are finish with it.

Well thats all what i think to say why im here :).

Please if you can say me some advice about how could i make these song better write me!:) I wanted to better (or the best? :D haha. no way...).

Sorry for my English im not born there,and I'm just learning for years.
Greetings from Hungary :)
Motto: Be creative!

1.Element Series Inspired by Tofukeks :)

Entrance the driad city( as the Mother Earth):
Dance with fire (as fire):
Jorden (as earth):
Waltz in the rain (as water):
In the sky (as air):

2. The Apocalypse four horseman:


2. The Greek Gods: (unfinished)


3.Space Raptor: (unfinished)

Space Raptor-Intro:
Space Raptor-Boss fight:

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