Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

Hollywood undead, get scared, linkin park, Savant, Korn, skillet, skrillex, Deadmau5

About me

hello! im... me! and i am i huge fan of rock,and techno(electronica). my most fav instrument is synthesizer, piano, and probably guitar. i like adding synthesizers to my songs to show that i'm not that modern. hahaha, time to get things jotted down.

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Name: umm... i know it starts with an S!
Location: nah, just kidding
Likes: funny videos, video games, more videogames, HUNDREDS OF VIDEOGAMES, millions, okay, legends of zelda, mario, old school, 5- 500 bits, music, creepypasta, minecraft, videogames, cheesecake, Men (OuO), Yaoi, Anime, Drawing, piano, writing, music making, dubstep, nightcore, nightstep, creepy ass little children, clowns, insects, Killing!!!, ETC, TOMBOYS!!! (im one), chubby wubby people!, chibi, kawaii, you get the idea! (videogames) movies, Ben drowned, jeff the killer, slendy man, endy man, creepers, bombs, nuclear weapons, waffles (in other words ticci Toby is pretty cool), numbers;666 00011 and so on. rock, metal, electronic things, plasma lamps (i got one! prepare to meet jealousy!) triforce, Zelda's the princess you noobs, black, darkness, Blaah!, destruction, evil laughs, voice and scream cracks (especially if a guy does it), long words, nerds and geeks are sexy as hell, men with glasses and big eyes O3O, 1980-2012, hollywood undead, linkin park,the gym! underscores (_) codes, cheats and I would continue on but i'm gonna run out of room T.T
Dislikes: girly girls, girls, skinny people, makeup, sluts, whores, no internet, instagram, selfie shit, # shit, 2014, iggy, girl singers, brats, spoiled people, stairs!!! water (HYDROPHOBIC! don't judge me!) public, crowded places, school, hiphop, rapping, cigars, drugs, sins, uggghhhh, i dont like writing down my dislikes because it brings back so many horrible memories!
fears: water, large big knives, my sister when i touch her hair o.o (trust me on this one, unless you want a black eye and bloody nose, you go pinky touch my sissy) very old men with long hair and long beards. mirrors (i believe in bloody mary okay?!)
non-fears: insects, darkness, spiders, blood,
fav color(s): black, blue, and green! it used to be black and yellow (yes, its a song, stop singing it)
fav animal: sharks and dangerous dogs
fav videogame: this is super hard okay?! so i'll think of three... Legends of zelda (every. single. one o.o) Mario (probably paper mario was my fav) and... hmm... spore :D
fav movie: REDRUM REDRUM!!!!
fav show(s): (there all anime's) Love stage! (yaoi warning) amnesia, and there's like 50 of them.
fav clothes?: anything to do with videogames or quotes about videogames (otherwise i just really like sweat pants and short sleeved T-shirts)
Single or taken?: sadly, im lonely.... Forever alone T^T
whats your favorite location?: probably Japan bro's.... probably Japan...
addiction: well... all i know is smart people are super attractive (glasses)

and so on, umm... well, i have an alright family, and my money is fine... umm... is that it? okay bye then! ^3^ bye sexy's! (if your a girl don't take it the wrong way O.o

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