About me

Ne cherchez plus mon cœur; des monstres l’ont mangé.

I love music. I don't consider myself a musician and it's not something I aspire for, I just have a lot of fun creating songs. I like just about any genre, but my favorite kind of music falls in the category of "strange and dark".


Just a few of my favorite musicians, not including the countless video game, anime, and movie soundtracks that I'm in love with...

Igorrr - Venetian Snares - Nujabes - Sleep Dealer - Deftones - Mono - Tool - Deltron 3030 - Die Antwoord - Infected Mushroom - Ratatat - Aphex Twin - Hella - Squarepusher - Death Grips - Psyopus - Murder by Death - Acrassicauda - Disturbed - Mindless Self Indulgence - System of a Down - Rage Against the Machine - White Chapel - Flyleaf - Gregory and the Hawk - Code Orange - Oomph! - Meshuggah


Please don't advertise yourself on my profile, it's a bit rude, don't you think? A better way to get me to check out your songs is to leave a genuine comment or critique. I'm not opposed to just chatting either. :P

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