Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

too many to write ;)

About me

Hello Everybody!!! Ok, basically the reason I joined this amazing place is because I am absolutely head over heels with music. Music has been the core of me from a VERY young age and long to become a singer and musicianist. I'm actually in band right now, but I still long to be in chorus every once in a while. When I first came to this website it was too make background music for the lyrics of my songs that I write. But Even though I would like to become a singer one day if there's one thing better then singing its being a part of the music. I love sitting in a room alone drowned in endless noise of music. It's even better to play it on an instrument (I play piano, piccolo, and flute ^_^ ) There's nothing better then too walk out of the auditorium and think "I can PLAY this! I'm not just an ordinary person who will listen, but I can play it. And get lost in the noise of the band and orchestra so easily to the point I don't realize I'm even playing." It comes to heart, music. It is a gift, a feeling, and the very core of the soul itself. This is why I'm here. I also long to be a writer and artist. Well...That's me. I am music down to the core.
Flutter, Bliss, Fly...Never stop without a try

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