Favorite genre

Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

S3rl, xKore, Spag Heddy, Dubsidia, Borgore. Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Nanobii

About me

My name us Lewison, on this, i make electro and dance music. I used to make other types of songs but in sticking to electro and dance now so i can have my own style of music and because dubstep and electro is where i get my influence from.

my songs in album form

album: The Big City
1. The Only One
2. The Big City
3. Hard to Soft
5. Nght Life
6. LALALAWOOSA NIGHTS (studio version)
7. Fly Life (Ft John Hard)
8 You (Ft Jarrel)

Album: Evolve
1. Make a diffrence your way (snippet)
2. Never Thought (Ft Michelle)
3. In A Trance (Dedecation to Daft Punk)
4. Rush
5. Here We Go
6. Your Love's On The Line
7. Take Me Out (Lewison Remix)
8. Hard Soft (hard to soft evolved)

Album: Golden
1. Golden
2. Down
3. 2-way
4. prepare for... (ft Fade 3)
5. Underground (ft Mathew)
6. Gangster Street (Ft. Jeff Jones)
7. Night Life pt2
8. Don't know

Album: This Beat Kicks
1. Jason - You and I (ft Vanessa)
3. ABC 123 I II III
4. This Beat Kicks

Album: Back 2 Reality
1. To The Perfection
2. Again You Left
3. Welcome to Jamaica
4. Back 2 Reality
5. The Theme Of Undesire (Lewison's Theme)
6. Radius Of These
7. Legend
8. epic
9. The Heights
10. May I Have Your Attention Please?
11. Check It Out
12. A New Ending

Album: Far Reach (Still to be completed)

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