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Alicia: Justin Bieber,Beyonce,Cassie and Rihanna,Chis Brown,Nictorious B.I.G,Rick Ross,Tyga,Travis Porter,Lil Wayne and Drake. Levy: Sneak Bo',Chris Brown,Tyga,Travis Porter,Diggy Simmons,Lil Wayne,Rick Ross and Drake,also Gospel singers!

About me

Levy: Hi,I'm Levy and I'm Alicia. I'm Levy and I'm 11,my sister is 10 and very small!
Alicia: Not to small!
Levy: Whatever,my hobby is playing basketball in the streets,with ma' mates!
Alicia: Ha ha,your bad at shooting!
Levy: Oh,me?? (Being sarcastic)
Alicia: Hi,I'm Alicia,and I'm 10,nearly 11,and my hobbie is to hang out with my girlfriends and have a nice drink.(Not cocain,achole and stuff like that!!)
I'm soooo addicted to MovieStarPlanet,I'll shut up,now...
Levy: We live in Milton Keynes,a very small place! Not too small,though!

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