Favorite genre

Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Everyone, except for 1D or Jbieb's

About me

::Name: Iviala, or Ivi
::Age: 11 (so what? treat me of your age ^^)
::Gender: She-devil or girl :P
::Seriously long description:
Okay, first of, i do not act my age, i always act older or younger. if your gonna treat me right treat me the age of you. next, i LUV my friends, so it a good thing if you get on my good side (wink wink skittlez)
also, i love drawing. In fact i'm apart of an art program. i also love writing so that's why this description is so long. i love writing fantasy, and i don't feel like righting a lot of realistic fiction its usually a fantasy or fan fiction :P. a lot of the songs I've done so far are based off a story i'm writing in school. i live in Virginia, so i'm not used to cold weather. when ever we get snow, all of the kids go ballistic. its actually very funny. Uhm... usually i enjoy life, school isn't hard even though i just started middle school, its pretty cool.oh yah! back to fan art and drawing. i love drawing mlp's for those of you who don't know, that's My Little Pony. Don't you dare say "that show is for little girls" because guess what, it is. but just because the show is directed toward 8 year olds it doesn't mean older people can't watch it. go ahead judge, but before you do watch this vid than watch this other one and then judge.

alright? good. okay so who is your fav pony? come on after you watch that you have to be a brony. its undeniable. okay. The reason I love mlp is because I love fantasy. As I mentioned be fore that's my favorite type of anything really. I love doing fiction including my friends. Just like mlp. Mlp is about ponies learning about friendship,, and what it takes to be a good friend. I am not very good at this I've got a bad temper, a bad mouth, and a seriously hormonal attitude one sec I'm happy and the next I'll want bacon and I'll hate you. If it ever seems like I'm mad at you do not worry it's just my tone of voice in my writing. I will love and appreciate you guys especially if you don't spam the comments, leave something nice and I will check you out. That's all for now I will talk to you guys later. mobile this will be the link
私は日本の知っているはいオフ最初大丈夫とはい、私はそれをよく話す。人生オフ最初の人生はとても最大限にそれを生きている。私は人々が当たり前のこれを取ると、それが私を悲しくすることに注意してください。例えば、人々がいじめられ得るとき、彼らはthoose言葉が彼らを傷つけることができます。なぜそれを行う?私はもちろん、それは本当かもしれないことを意味しますが、それらを信じてすることを決定。 、あなたがいじめ得るときなぜあなたは何かを言うことはありません。あなたのそれで、しばらく少しフィットを通して。あなたがいじめたときも、私はその上で開始得ることはありません。あなたの人生はあなたに何が起こるかの10% 、あなたはどのように反応するかの90%です。そうあなたが反応したときにそれをすれば何が起こるかオフだと思います。それは、これが悪化してしまいますが起こっ続ける、しかし、あなたは違いがいじめっ子が誰elesを傷つけないように、あなたの人生と他人を保存する何かを話すと言うときに許可すれば。これがいじめの私の2セントであった​​と私はあなたがコメント欄に何を考えて彼女にしたい。そしてあなたには、いくつかの楽しみが切り抜いたラングに変更して、1つは私たちが推測そのラングの楽しいゲームを持つことができる私に教えてくださいしたい場合。君たちと話をするその楽し大丈夫!さようなら!

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