About me

Hello everyone! I just want to thank you personally for stopping to listen to my music and read this note. It means a lot when people enjoy what I make.

I would like to note that I have become quite fond of a user by the name of Bantha2. His link is

I want to thank him for his great kindness on here and his sharing my music with all his followers. It means a lot to me.

Personal info eh? Well...I'm 20, female, love God and music. I have many interests such as guns, motorcycles, sports, FOOD lol and people. I am a Cosmetology graduate and now working as a Cosmetology instructor in Missouri. I love making people feel beautiful. I am also a professional artist and GAMER!!! I plan to go to the Art Instatute in St Louis soon for a dagree in Video Game Art and Animation Design. I own a newspaper called the Kaleidoscope Weekly and do most of the ad designs. I design websites, illustrate books and am in the beginning stages of starting my own comic strip in the paper. That's all I really can think of. Let me know what you think of my songs! ^.^ God bless you guys! You can check out my temporary webpage (uh...its not my design really, just basic till I can get my real one going)

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