Favorite genre

Classical/New Age, Electronic/Techno, Hiphop, Other, Rock/Metal, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Just too many to list. I'll just say that MUSIC is my favorite artist.

About me

A little about me, hmmm, weeeell:

I love photography, to read and write, soccer(football, futball), 3 day weekends, laying around with my cats and of course making music. I'm so happy that I stumbled upon musicshake, it's almost like a divine gift to me. It's so easy to use but at the same time encompass's so much, it's just freaking awesome. I also can't wait to get going on this site and meet all you cool people and of course, all the great music you guys make. Collectively, I think we're awesome. :) Please let me know what you think of my songs, the good and the bad, it would be greatly appreciated. Now, time to start cranking out some tunes.


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