Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

Mac Miller , Snoop , Lil Wayne , Valete , SamTheKid para Rap Biometrix , Konak , Borgore , Doctor P para Dubstep System Of A Down , Limp Biskit , Linkin Park para Rock ^^

About me

I´m Portuguese PT , I love music but i made them just for fun because i know that are others maybe need more attention for them talent then me and for be honest are in this world things that i love and love and love and want for my future. I am a Male by the way (; . My Real passion is football . I am a good GoallKeeper so my mom says but in the deep i know she wants me to fight more to be the best without make another worst in therms of self esteem . I am a social person who like to have fun with the friends and play all kinds of sports execept bagminton or WTF name , sorry , i totally respect who like it or play it but for me is too boring and without an action by the way sorry for mistakes i´m not very good at writting in english so thanks for reading and listening or something that envolves my channel and I hope that you enjoy it ^_^

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