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Okay now that I thought about it as I was listening it seems that this song would go great with a story so heres the story

Once Long ago there was a boy who lived in a world where he was completely and utterly ignored every day and he wished it would change as time went on so he waited for a while, but the thing is it never did so the boy had grown tired of waiting and so while he was thinking of what he should do next thats when it all began.Soon after the failed attempts of what the boy had thought about doing the world began to crumble and break apart and while this was happening the boy realized that he had been living in past memories that he had had when he was younger; what the boy had failed to realize was that the world around him was being destroyed crumbling into oblivion and thats how the picture I chose falls into place some may feel like the world is crumbling or desynching itself as the boy is just standing there stranded and alone.


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