Why waste your breath created by wayv 14 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other

Well, I thought about calling this song 'SHUT UP!'...but that just ruins all the drama, and all the feeling to the song. And NO, I'm not asking you to not comment with my title; feel free to comment! The reason I named the song that is simply because of the mood of the song, that you might not understand what-soever! :) But still, call it something else if you feel so inclined to do so!Here it is; enjoy!

note: I have been making slow songs for the past month or so, because I feel more confident in doing them. but if you think I should try doing a more speedy genre, please tell me; or else prepare for melo-drama on this web-site for the rest of your given days!!!

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