Office Time Management Theme created by Littlekai 11 years ago

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This is a short theme requested by my friends. It represents
a quick play-through of a time management game in an office environment. The
minor voices are done by me. ^^

Easy Office Mania

Hello Kai! Welcome to your first day on the job.

Today we will be training you through a couple of easy steps
to get you started.

*Telephone rings*

-Tip: As a receptionist part of your job is to transfer
calls to the dedicated salesman.

In order to transfer the call hit the following keys on your


Side Note: You are doing well so far!

Your pace will fasten and your keys will switch up as you
reach a new level.

“I did it!” – Kai

*Kai begins to doze off*

-Tip: Uh no! Kai’s boredom appears to have made her very
sleep. Click the coffee maker to boost her energy.

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