Joyful but Random Wonders created by AgentMusic 14 years ago

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Hello everyone at Musicshake fellow players of Rose Online.

This is an interesting event to come across by, hehe.
To my benefit from this event is a chance of becoming the top 10 creators ofa ingame music background and of course for Rose Online introducing this website. Now I can make my own tunes and listen to them.

This is my first time using musicshake of course since I am blabbering out random stuff you don't want to see lol.

This is my third time making this because the first two had singing and rapping. (Didn't read the rules)

Enough is enough.

Hope you favourite this little tune of mine.
Good Luck to all Musicshake lovers fellow members of Rose Online North America.

See you all due to time see you in Rose Online.
Best wishes have a wonderful summer vacation.

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